Sales Augmentation

LUCIDSEC is the ultimate sales and marketing tool for Cyber Security Startups Our executive team has over 18 years experience bringing to market industry leading cyber security technology and services. 

(Global Head of Sales) We are a returning customer of the LUCIDSEC Sales Augmentation Service and brand recognition service.  We established our first customers in the USA very quickly by using this service.  

Statements Made By Customers

Clients We Have Represented

Brand Awareness

Cyber Security Trusted Advisory Team 

We help you set meetings with our members, both on-line and in-person. We follow the sales process through its entirety and help you close business. Included in this program is our ‘BRAND Recognition’ program. They won’t meet with you unless they know who you are, and we make that happen!

(CEO)  All the other vendor's were confused on why all the CISO's were coming to our booth at RSA and not theirs. The LucidSec team did a phenomenal job by bringing us decision makers to our booth.


(CMO) It was very easy to get started with LUCIDSEC.  I could not have gone with a better Sales and Marketing program.  They really know their stuff ! 

As a trusted team of security professionals ourselves, our members rely on us to cut through the hype and muddle put out by thousands of security vendors. When we promote a Brand to our group members and contacts, they know we are sharing a truly great product or service for them to see.